Friday, May 30, 2014


Artists communicate through their work. 
When I drew a sketch of this peice I was very angry. I expressed my angry feelings through the drawing by having a fist come out of the mans mouth and punching the women in the face. The artwork is intended to show my angry feelings.  

This artwork is about who I am because I really expressed my feelings when I drew it. I really inspired myself to go out of my way to express the anger through my artwork. 

Artists solve problems 
I drew my sketch on a tile to make it more 3D like. When it was put in the kiln it had exploded. I was very upset because I was really excited to paint it. Instead of giving up I glued some of the prices back together. This worked out with my drawing because the fist made it look like it "cracked" my art peice. 

My art definetly took a different turn because the piece was not whole anymore. I think it turned out really cool how it was cracked because that made it seem even more angry. 

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