Art 1 Final Exam

Ally Belicic

When working on your art in this course you had a range of choices in each project.  This was the first year Apex’s art department used the “Open Art Room.” Do you feel that this range and choice encouraged you to grow as an artist? Please explain how it did, if not, explain how it didn't.
The "Open Art Room" definitely helped me grow as an artist in many ways. It gave me the opportunity to take the assigned theme and make it my own by using whatever medium I desired. In past art classes I found it difficult to please the teacher with what they wanted for the assignment. I really like how we could choose how we do our art because it let us express ourselves more. In the first project we did we had to morph something together, and I chose to morph together a human face and a tigers face. I did the pencil medium.

Regardless of whether a project was successful or not, describe the one where you learned, grew, or developed the most from?  Please explain.
An unsuccessful project for me was the sculpture one. It started out really good and i was happy with it when I put in in the kiln. Unfortunately, it did not make it out of the kiln in one piece, it came out in hundreds of pieces. At first I was really upset because I was excited about this project. I gathered the big pieces that were still left of it and started to put them back together like a puzzle. I glued it together and it didn't turn out too bad. The cracks actually kind of fit in with the picture because it involved a guy punching someone with the fist coming out of his mouth. From this project I learned not to give up on something so fast, and if something goes wrong try to find another solution! 

Regardless of whether you liked or disliked a project, which one did you learn, grow, or developed the most from?  Please explain.
I really did not like the printmaking project, but it was definitely the project i learned the most. When we were first assigned I had no idea what printmaking was and i didn't fully understand it. I chose to print make a Rubik's cube which was a bad idea because there were so many different colors, meaning so many different layers. It took me awhile to figure out, but once i finally got the hang of it I understood what to do. The reason I think I disliked this project is because it took so much time. I am happy I learned the skill of printmaking even though I didn't find it that enjoyable.

Which project was your most successful? Describe the theme and or topic and the process you went through to complete the project.
I personally think my most successful project was the portrait. The assignment was to choose anyone you know and draw them. It could be a selfie of them, a cropped picture of them, or you could just take the picture yourself. I chose to draw my dad, and I used a cropped picture of him. For this project we could choose to trace the picture of them. I liked this because I wouldn't have to spend so much time drawing the outline and I could focus more on the important features of the face. After I finished drawing the final piece I decided to lightly shade it with colored pencils. I really liked the way the drawing turned out!

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