Friday, February 28, 2014

Color Project

 Color Project

I have chosen the creature theme for my color project. I drew a butterfly with exotic designs. I incorporate the theme by making the butterfly a creature.

I chose the medium acrylic paint. I decided to make the background of the butterfly a dark gray to really make it stand out. I want to do a bright background to make the butterfly pop. I like the acrylic paint because it really shows the color well and makes it look very real. The colors are pretty and it's easy to mix paints and make new colors.

Some difficulties I have had was deciding what designs to do in the butterfly's wings. I wanted the designs to be interesting so in the planning picture the wings are basically my different ideas. In my final design the wings are different then in the first sketch. Another difficulty I had was outlining the butterfly because the brushes made it hard. I had to go over it a few times to make it thick and finished looking.

I think my project was successful because the butterfly turned out really exotic. I like the design I did inside the butterfly's wings. I am most proud of the butterfly because I like the color scheme I chose and the shape of the butterfly.

If I could go back and change one thing it would be to even out the background more. I did an ombre pink background and it doesn't look very even. I would want to go back and plan out the spacing of it more. 

From this project I learned how to mix different paints to make new colors. Also, to make colors lighter or darker. It was fun to experiment and I really enjoyed using paint.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Two in One

In Progress

In the two in one project, I am incorporating the theme by morphing together a tiger's face and a human face. I have chosen to do this because I thought putting the two faces together would look cool.

The medium I am using in this project is pencil. I chose pencil because I thought it would look the best. Also, I like pencil because you can make mistakes and erase them. Sense this is the first project, I will be making a lot of mistakes. With the pencil it is really easy to make different shades which I think looks good.

So far, I haven't had much trouble with this project. Some difficulties I've encountered were drawing the face of the shape. I try to make it look exactly as it would in real life. Another difficulty is drawing the stripes on the tiger because it is really hard to make it look like a real tiger. Also, shading in the shadows of the face has been hard.


I think my piece was successful because it looks like a tiger face and human face combined. I think I did the value good on what to shade. Also I like how i drew the fur and made it look natural. I am most proud of the human eye I drew and the birthmark under it. I really like the birthmark because it looks natural.

If I could go back and change something I would probably change the tigers eye. I feel like I could've made it more realistic looking. It just looks like a black hole because I colored it in all black. If I could go back I would've colored it in with value.

I have incorporated the two in one theme by morphing together a human face and a tiger face.