Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Artists develop art making skills-

During this project I definitely learned how to draw the different features of the human face. I traced them and it helped me get the shapes of the features. During the process I learned how to trace lightly, and then go back over it and make it your own shape. I likes tweaking the features until they looked just right to me.

I was familiar with using colored pencils, but not so much shading with them. I had to experience a lot of different colors to find the right color for skin, eyes, hair and other features. For shading I made some of the sections darkr than others. I used the same technique for shading that I used for pencil so I was farmiliar with it. I gained skill from colored pencils by experiencing different color mixtures and shading. I was going for a soft look so for coloring I did lightly shading. 

Artists solve problems-

During this project I came across a few difficulties/ problems. When I mixed different colors for skin color it didn't always turn out looking good. I would get frustrated because it looked bad, but to solve this problem I would just keep mixing until I found the color that looked right. It takes a lot of patience to find the right color for every thing. 

When I was coloring the final copy of this project I got mad at how young I had made the person in my portrait look. To fix this problem I took a gray colored pencil and drew in a lot of wrinkles and did some shading. I was still unhappy about how the hair looked so I shaded grey in the hair. I realized during this project that when you first color the portrait it probably won't look how you want it to. You have to keep mixing different colors until you find the colors that look best for your portrait. 

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